Nothing warms the soul of a Runtard more than the nearness of Ragnarök’s fire.

The launch of Thorchain’s Multichain Chaosnet (MCCN) network start is getting closer, and you can already get a feel for all the future real-time services deployed on the test network:

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What awaits us immediately after the launch? The main question is what will happen to the current exchange service, built on the bep2 network: BEPSwap. Many of the first runtards have already made a fortune on the first version of the network (SCCN):

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One of Thorchain’s lead developers (not Chris Hemsworth), has shed some light on the near future:

The peace key will be used to reduce the rewards in SCCN, which will encourage everyone to migrate to MCCN, as the rewards in SCCN will be much lower than in MCCN. Node owners will definitely be the first to migrate and when there are three left in SCCN support, the network will naturally die out.

There is no need to panic! Your funds are SAFU, as CZ likes to say. Ragnarök of the network does not mean that users will lose funds. Field trials have shown that after Ragnarök, all users’ funds are returned to their wallets — this mechanism is fine-tuned and will help speed up migration from BepSwap.

RUNE in the bep2 and erc20 network can be exchanged for RUNE.THOR using a special bridge as soon as MCCN is launched. There is no deadline after which all unexchanged RUNEs will turn into dust.

An excellent overview of the upcoming changes can be seen on Thorchain’s herald channel, GrassRoots Crypto.

On positive news, RUNE took the new ATH and reclaimed over 100 positions in the Battle of the Portfolios.

Thorstarter ambassador, THORChain maximalist