Battle of the portfolios: THORChain vs World

THORChain Warior
2 min readJan 28, 2021


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If you are reading these lines, you have received one of our invocations. For example, this one:

We’ve called in the best of the best, so you have a chance to prove you’re right person. To do this, build a portfolio of coins from the top 100 CoinMarketCap* on 👉Moni👈 platform - portfolios are virtual, you don’t need to buy anything, participation is free.

Now about the prizes:
1st place — 300 ⚡️RUNE (~$840)
2nd place — 150 ⚡️RUNE (~$420)
3rd place — 100 ⚡️RUNE (~$280)

Among the top 10 who overtake a portfolio made up of 100% RUNE — another 300 RUNE will be shared.

The very last place gets 100 RUNE anyway.

For the best description of portfolio — 50 RUNE

50 random contestants will receive 5 RUNE each.

Contestants must subscribe to either the telegram group or the official Twitter to participate.
Stay tuned to 👉Incrypted👈 for news of the battle and grab yourself some RUNE for the future — the token price is about to hit the skies.

*actually, slightly more than the top 100 — we’ve dumped wrapped Bitcoins and added some other coins.



THORChain Warior

Thorstarter ambassador, THORChain maximalist